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Ho-Ho-Hold On!

Are You a Cybersecurity Scrooge or Santa?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but lurking amongst the twinkling lights and sugar plum dreams are Grinchy cyber-villains waiting to steal your festive cheer (and maybe your data too!).

So, before you get caught in a mistletoe-sized phishing trap, let’s see if you’re a cybersecurity Scrooge or a data-defending Santa with this jolly quiz!

  1. A suspicious email arrives claiming your holiday order is shipped, but the link looks… a bit off. Do you:
  • a) Click it instantly, gotta track those presents!
  • b) Hover cautiously, squinting at the URL like it’s a fruitcake gone bad.
  • c) Call the company directly, safety first, even if it means missing out on “Free Shipping!”
  1. Your boss generously emails a “holiday bonus” gift card. Do you:
  • a) Download it like Santa downloading cookies, yum!
  • b) Double-check with HR, no free lunches (or gift cards) in this world.
  • c) Forward it to IT, suspicious links are like lumps of coal, best passed off!
  1. Working remotely with a latte in hand, you connect to public Wi-Fi like:
  • a) Scrooge diving into a Scrooge McDuck money vault – free internet is the best gift!
  • b) A cautious elf checking the North Pole’s firewall before connecting.
  • c) A reindeer flying solo – never trust random Wi-Fi, even if it’s named “Free Candy Cane.”
  1. Your grandma calls in a panic about a “computer virus” pop-up. Do you:
  • a) Tell her to click the “Fix Now” button, faster than Rudolph on a sugar rush!
  • b) Guide her through safe steps like avoiding downloads and contacting IT.
  • c) Send her a fruitcake with a hidden USB drive pre-loaded with antivirus software, problem solved!
  1. The office Secret Santa gifts you a fancy new USB drive. Do you:
  • a) Plug it in without a second thought, who needs backups anyway?
  • b) Scan it for malware before trusting it with even a virtual gingerbread cookie.
  • c) Offer it to the Grinch in case he wants to store his stolen data, maybe he’ll learn a lesson!

Tally Up Your Cheer:

Mostly a)s: Ho ho ho, you might be a bit too trusting! Time to brush up on your cybersecurity knowledge and spread some security awareness like holiday cheer.

Mostly b)s: You’re a cautious elf, navigating the cyber-world with vigilance! Keep up the good work, but remember, even Santas need an occasional security check-up.

Mostly c)s: You’re a data-defending dynamo! Your cybersecurity skills are sharper than Santa’s candy canes, keep spreading the good word (and strong passwords)!

No matter your score, remember: Cybersecurity is a year-round responsibility, not just a holiday season thing. So, stay vigilant, practice safe online habits, and let’s make the internet a merry and bright place for everyone!

Bonus Round: Share your results with your colleagues to see if they’re Scrooges or Santas! Let’s spread some cybersecurity cheer this holiday season!

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