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The holidays are a time for joy, family, and… well, cybercriminals trying to steal your presents (and not the wrapped-under-the-tree kind).

It’s true, the festive season sees a spike in phishing attempts, especially targeting those buzzing with holiday excitement – like your employees.

So, before you get caught in a mistletoe-sized trap, let’s hang some cybersecurity ornaments on your network!

Grinchy Hackers and Their Naughty Links:

Imagine this: Your inbox explodes with emails claiming your holiday order is shipped, but the tracking link looks… shifty.

Or, a “gift card from your boss” arrives, just in time for the office Secret Santa.

Tempting, right?

But hold your reindeer!

These links are often laced with malware, designed to steal your login credentials, financial information, or even encrypt your entire system, leaving you with a lump of coal instead of a holly jolly Christmas.

Rudolph’s Guide to Safe Clicking:

Here’s how to avoid becoming a cyber-Grinch’s victim:

  • Double-check the sender: Is it a legitimate company you’ve ordered from? If not, hit delete faster than Santa downs a glass of eggnog.
  • Hover (don’t click) the link: Most email platforms show the actual destination when you hover your mouse over the link. If it looks phishy, it IS phishy.
  • Call the company directly: Don’t trust the email? Pick up the phone and confirm the information with the company’s official number, not the one in the email.
  • Think before you click: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Remember, the Grinch stole Christmas because he was greedy, not because he was a master hacker.
  • IN GENERAL – JUST DON’T CLICK THE LINK!!  Go to the website without clicking, log into your account, and check your orders.

Spreading Holiday Cheer (and Security Awareness):

Don’t let your employees become the cyber-Grinches!

Share these tips with them, and make cybersecurity a festive tradition.

Organize a “Bah Humbug!” lunch where you discuss common holiday scams, or have a “Phishing Follies” contest where employees identify fake emails (with prizes, of course!).

Remember, a little vigilance goes a long way in keeping your network safe and your holidays merry.

So, deck the halls with firewalls and strong passwords, and let the good times roll (without the malware)!

Bonus Tip: As your trusted MSP, we’re here to help! We can set up email filters, train your employees, and monitor your network for any suspicious activity. So, relax, enjoy the holidays, and leave the cybersecurity to us. We’ll make sure your systems are merry and bright, even if the Grinch tries to steal the Wi-Fi!

Happy Holidays from the DS Tech Team!

Some of our clients use our phishing training for their employees.  If you’re curious – get in touch.