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Managed IT Services

We offer cost-effective, expertly managed IT services. By partnering with us as your managed IT service provider, your small to medium-sized organization will have access to IT professionals whenever it needs them.

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MITS for Small and Medium Businesses

Leading Managed IT Services Provider

Top-managed IT services provider

Because of our years of experience in leading IT services, DS Tech is the go-to specialist for most local business industries.

We provide proactive IT solutions, 24/7 monitoring, and maintenance as a top-managed IT services provider to assist you in enhancing productivity, expanding your business, and recovering your technology issues.

Our IT services

Our IT services are delivered using a managed services approach, which pushes the service provider to be proactive and create the best organizational and technological responses to your IT problems. We tie our performance indicators to providing the best IT solutions for your business as the best-managed services provider.

As a result, the business goals are perfectly matched, ensuring you get the best-managed IT services and proactive and preventative problem-solving. As a result, your exposure to business risks like crashes, security problems, and downtimes immediately decreases.

Our flexible solutions

With our flexible solutions, you may choose the level of support you need, enabling you to get the best technical and expert support for the technology that most closely matches your needs.

We believe that practical desktop assistance could help you decide which products and services will increase the functionality of your company and, ultimately, its revenues. Of course, there isn’t a support strategy that works for everyone; therefore, our experts collaborate with you to achieve your company’s particular goals.

Budget Your IT

Remote Maintenance & Network Monitoring

Despite the challenges of technology administration, maintenance is a crucial duty that needs to be carried out to get the most out of your hardware and software. 

The proactive Remote Monitoring and Maintenance solution from DS Tech is intended to address these problems and make small and medium-sized organizations more cost-effective than before.

Updates and Patches to the System Frequently

Make sure your systems are updated regularly.

Numerous applications and tools that are crucial to the daily operations of your business are used by your users. Regularly upgrading them can seem like a nuisance because patch releases and version updates appear randomly. Remembering to update each of them on your own can be challenging and annoying, not to mention time-consuming. In addition, these fixes and upgrades often fix severe security issues to maintain the highest degree of network security.

DS Tech can remotely update and install software patches to save your team time and effort. As a result, you won’t ever have to worry about skipping a critical software update again.

Integrated Remote Monitoring

Mitigate problems before they arise.

Frequently, businesses upgrade their technology in response to problems. However, compared to the proactive IT methodology used by DS Tech, this is characterized as the break-fix IT paradigm. Additionally, the costs associated with regularly patching outdated equipment can be crushing, especially if they are not planned for in your IT budget.

The DS Tech remote monitoring tool looks for potential issues in the infrastructure of your business. This helps to address the problem before it costs too much money. Additionally, by carefully monitoring the activities on your network, we can prevent the majority of downtime issues. We work to solve problems as soon as they occur. These issues are frequently resolved without your knowledge.

10 Benefits of Managed IT Services
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10 Benefits of
Managed IT Services

This whitepaper will evaluate the differences between traditional technical support practices and modern managed IT practices and the pros and cons of both in regards to small and medium-sized businesses.

Achieve Goals

IT Vendor, Warranty & Hardware Management

Accessibility and Dependability

Our flat-rate managed IT services contract covers this IT vendor service, which the IT specialists at DS Tech are pleased to offer. Having us on board gives you and your office hero more time to concentrate on running your company.

Additionally, because we are proficient in technical vocabulary, suppliers are less likely to accuse us because we can explain the appropriate course of action.


Our Vendor Management solution

In addition to serial numbers, warranties, registrations, licenses, and configurations, our Vendor Management solution conducts a physical inventory of your software and hardware and records it for convenient access.

As a result, less downtime occurs when anything malfunctions or is damaged. All you have to do is give us a call whenever you require new gear or software or if you need assistance with a particular area of your IT. Since we have this information, we will take the time to manage the relationship with the vendors necessary on your behalf. When we’re finished, we’ll let you know what was accomplished or is on schedule to be accomplished.

Although your IT is essential to your company, it may also be a headache you don’t need. For more details on our priceless managed IT services, kindly browse our website.

Risk Assessment

Find your vulnerabilities before the cybercriminals do!

When it comes to your business’s security it is important to stay proactive rather than reactive. And if your organization is required to comply with security standards like HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, a vulnerability assessment is more than a solid first step.

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Improve Your Business

Improve Your Business Operations with Co-Managed IT Services

Accessibility and Dependability

You may remember instances when a worker’s absence caused the workload at the workplace to increase. This can be a significant setback even if they’re only gone for a day. Our jointly managed platform makes scheduling paid time off and vacations easier.

Whether or not your IT personnel is present at work, our co-managed IT offers accessibility to dedicated IT professionals who can reduce conditions that lead to downtime. In this manner, DS Tech offers your personnel strong support choices when their technology breaks down.

Give your team the tremendous possibilities that DS Tech offers.


Effective and Predictable in Cost

You already know co-managed; IT is similar to hiring additional people but without high operational costs. Our services are perfect for any budget because they are expandable and provided at a reasonable flat charge.

Our co-managed IT solutions, as opposed to standard break-fix IT, are intended to assist you in making long-term financial savings through preventative measures. We’ll help your company resolve its technological problems once and for all, saving you money on expensive repair or replacement costs.

With the help of DS Tech’s IT services, lower your technology support expenditures.


Co-Managed IT Provides the Expertise You Require

The co-managed IT solutions from DS Tech enable your internal IT employees to operate to their full potential without having to commit fully to a pricey new pay. Instead, you’ll have access to qualified personnel prepared to offer reasonable quality service. Call (906) 786-0057 for additional details about our co-managed IT solutions.

Call us immediately to learn more about what we can do for your business.

Message from President

We’re all in this together

We're driven by the philosophy that if we help local businesses solve their IT issues so they can become more profitable and successful, then we will inherently grow along with them. There is no catch, no gimmick, just experience and best practices that we've honed over the years to make our services work for YOUR business needs.

President, DS Tech

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