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Windows can help you work smarter and faster.

Believe it or not – there really are some things you can do to speed up your work in the office.

Here’s a few things you can do in Windows Professional that can help:

1. Snap Layouts


This feature lets you quickly and easily snap up to four windows into place on your screen.

Need to work on a presentation while referencing some data?

No problem!

Just snap those windows into place and get to work.

2. Virtual Desktops

You can create separate virtual desktops for different tasks, such as one for emails and another for spreadsheets.

This way, you can stay organized and focused without having to constantly switch between applications.

3. Taskbar Customization


You can now personalize your taskbar with pinned apps, recent files, and even your favorite websites for easy access.

This is MY favorite because I used to ALWAYS be searching for the same files over and over.  Especially spreadsheets I use for reference and easy math.

Once you pin the application you want (like Excel) to your taskbar, right-click on it and pin your recent files so they’re there forever.

Never waste time searching for that one file again!

4. Voice Typing


This feature lets you use your voice to type, making it easier than ever to take notes or write emails without having to type everything out.

For me – this is handy because then my emails read like the way I talk.

(is that a good thing? Maybe…)

Plus, it’s a great way to prevent those pesky typos because Windows already knows a lot of spelling and grammar.

The shortcut key to bring up your mic is “Windows + H”.

5. Snipping Tool


Quickly capture and annotate screenshots with the Snipping Tool.

You can even use it to create GIFs for social media or presentations.

6. Shortcut Keys


– Ctrl + C = Copy
– Ctrl + V = Paste
– Ctrl + Z = Undo
– Ctrl + A = Select All
– Ctrl + F = Find

These shortcuts work in pretty much every program, so they’re definitely worth memorizing!

If you like these ideas and don’t know how to implement them – ask your favorite Tech to help you out.  They’re full of ideas…


Where do you think I got these ideas?