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In this video, DS Tech presented a gardening analogy to help you grow your digital skillset.


Because it helps your business, your productivity, and cultivates the overall well-being of your Team.

Let’s dig in!

(pun intended):

1. Prepare the Soil

Like removing weeds and rocks before planting, start by streamlining inefficient processes and closing unused accounts.

Clean up clutter before adding something new.

2. Plant Seeds

“Plant” new solutions like password managers or productivity apps.

Implement technologies that address pain points in your workflow.

3. Water Seeds

Go through initial training to understand how new tools work.

Learning curves are temporary—focus on long-term benefits.

4. Control Pests

When roadblocks arise with new tech, troubleshoot issues.

Advanced training or contacting vendor support acts as “fertilizer” to help tools thrive.

5. Harvest Results

Once comfortable with new solutions, enjoy time and efficiency gains.

Technologies that fit your workflow allow you to reap what you’ve sown.

6. Store and Share

Document your implementation journey, including solutions to any problems.

Share knowledge with colleagues to shorten their learning curves.

7. Repeat and Expand

Growing your digital skills is an ongoing process.

Use what you’ve learned to keep adopting better solutions and achieve a thriving digital “garden.”

With the right strategic preparation, patience through initial training, and willingness to learn, new technologies will boost your productivity.

Avoid getting overwhelmed.

Follow this gardening roadmap to steadily cultivate digital skills over time.

Watch the full video here for more details.