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Tired of the same stale video meetings day after day?

As hybrid work drags on, it’s easy for virtual collaboration to feel, well, boring.

But it doesn’t have to!

With a bit of creativity, you can turn those ho-hum video calls into something special.

Use virtual backgrounds…

…but not the usual ones.

Instead of plain or generic backgrounds, use funny or weird images.

Or create your own custom ones.

Add some gamification and keep score.

Give points for punctuality, good questions, bad puns, or best animal appearance.

Have a friendly competition between locations and teams.

Count how many times people do squats, lunges, or planks on video.

Give prizes to the winners.

Use quirky themes, props, or costumes.

Make it fun and optional.

See who goes all out.

Change up groups and seating arrangements.

Pair remote workers with in-office colleagues.

Switch who leads the meetings.

Create water cooler moments.

Leave some time at the end for informal chat and socializing.

Show and tell time!

Ask people to share something from their workspaces or hobbies.

Make it voluntary.

Spotlight employees randomly.

Have them share their successes, projects, challenges for quick updates.

End with some remote socializing over video.

Keep the conversation going for those who want to stay longer.

Make your video meetings more lively, fun, and productive with these creative ideas.

You don’t have to settle for dull, boring routines.

With a little imagination and humor, you can make your hybrid team feel more connected and engaged!