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You’re probably familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook – those workhorses have been around for decades.

But did you know the Microsoft 365 suite packs in a ton of other innovative apps and tools?

As an MSP helping businesses get the most from tech, we’ve seen firsthand how critical it is to fully leverage your Microsoft 365 subscription.

There’s an entire toolbox waiting to streamline workflows, boost collaboration, provide data insights and more.

Let’s dive into some of the unsung heroes of Microsoft 365 that can level up productivity for your team:

Microsoft Teams – The Remote Work MVP

Meetings, chat, file sharing, apps integration – Teams combines it all in one sleek interface.

Create dedicated workspaces for projects, departments or whatever structure fits your organization.

Teams simplifies virtual meetings and asynchronous collaboration in a big way.

OneNote – Your Digital Notebook

Ditch the scattered paper notes and digitize your team’s ideas in OneNote notebooks.

It’s a powerful digital canvas for free-form information gathering, with functionality for embedding files, recording audio, handwriting inking and more.

A must-have for meetings and workshops.

Planner – Kanban-Style Task Management

If your team has gone agile or just needs lightweight project management, Planner could be the perfect fit.

Its visual kanban boards make it easy to set up workflow stages, assign tasks to team members and track progress.

And by the way – I had to look this up – I asked Copilot: “What is Kanban-Style” – so in case you have no idea what that is:

It’s a method of project management that focuses on visualizing work, limiting work in progress, and enhancing flow and effiency.  It’s built on a philosophy of continuous improvement, where tasks are represented as cards on a “Kanban” board and moved through different stages of work, represented as columns.

Power Automate – Automation – It’s A Process

For repetitive, tedious tasks, you can create simple automation flows with Power Automate’s drag-and-drop designer – no coding required.

Streamline document review processes, notifications, approvals and more.

There’s so much more to explore like Sway for polished visual communications, Stream for managing corporate video content, Whiteboard for virtual ideation sessions and more. Don’t let these Microsoft 365 gems go untapped.

Feeling overwhelmed by your Microsoft 365 capabilities?

As a Microsoft partner, our team can provide sustained guidance on rolling out new apps, optimizing adoption, managing security and getting maximum ROI.

Reach out and see if we can help you out.

We put together an eBook  too that you might find helpful.

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