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Microsoft Teams is a handy communication and collaboration platform, but many businesses underutilize its features.

In this video, experts from DS Tech walk through tips to boost productivity with Teams.

What is Teams?

Teams allows organized chats, video meetings, file sharing and more.

It’s included with Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Channels under Teams let you segment discussions. For example, having channels for separate branches or departments.

Use @ Mentions for Alerts

The @ symbol followed by someone’s name sends them an alert, ensuring they see a message.

You can also @ groups to notify teams.

But use mentions judiciously to avoid alert fatigue.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Handy shortcuts like hitting the spacebar to mute on calls can save clicks and time.

Learn Teams’ shortcuts to streamline your usage.

Here is a list from Microsoft with those shortcuts.

Hold Quick Video Chats

Teams makes video meetings easy.

For fast tech support or training, initiate quick video chats instead of typing back and forth.

Easily share your screen to demonstrate issues.

Pin Favorite Chats

Pin your most common chats to the top for quick access instead of digging through long lists.

Keep key contacts readily available.

Search Message History

Teams archives your conversations and allows keyword searching, just like email.

Never lose an important detail again.

Integrate Other Tools

Connecting apps like Salesforce or Office 365 Calendar to Teams can centralize your systems.

Evaluate integrations that would benefit your workflow.

Customize Notifications

Avoid distraction by fine-tuning which Teams channels trigger alerts for you.

Only get notified about priority channels.

Get Up and Running

If you already have Teams through Microsoft 365 but haven’t adopted it, contact DS Tech.

We can help configure Teams and train your staff to start collaborating.

With some dedicated learning and setup, Microsoft Teams can make your team’s communication more seamless and productive.

Utilize its time-saving features to their full potential.