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This past year saw a dangerous 86% increase in the most dangerous types of malware out there, so we want to ask you an important question: are you ready to protect your business from the different types of threats you might encounter? We know a technology solution that might help this mission along, and we want to share it with you today: artificial intelligence.

Let’s discuss some ways that AI can assist your organization’s cybersecurity efforts.

Malware is Growing More Dangerous

The biggest notable trend in cybersecurity is the increase in dangerous types of malware, as it has increased by a whopping 86% over the past year alone. These threats are not easy for the average user to spot, either, thanks to phishing, malicious websites, downloads, and other types of attack mediums. They can be difficult to identify and respond to, and businesses that don’t have a plan of action will be in a difficult position.

AI Helps Solve This Problem

AI-powered security tools give businesses the upper hand in identifying threats and protecting their assets.

If you can leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to your advantage, you’ll be more likely to uncover and stop attacks like ransomware before they occur.

Now, ransomware is pretty scary stuff, we won’t lie to you, and since it is spread primarily through phishing attacks, you need a solution in place that can help to stop these attacks before they have a chance to succeed. These attacks specifically target your users, and they can fool even the most seasoned employee into making a decision that they will come to regret. Naturally, this leads to cybercriminals making phishing attacks difficult to identify and making them as convincing as possible.

You can train employees to identify these attacks, but there will always be a chance that someone slips up. Artificial intelligence can pick up where they fall short, though.

How Does AI Help Your Business?

AI can use predictive tools and analysis to identify threats your organization might face. This has led to many companies adopting it as a security measure, and it can help in several ways. Here are some reasons why businesses might implement AI:

  • Spam and phishing protection
  • Analyzing DNS data to detect threats
  • Identifying problematic data
  • Tracking advanced malware

AI has become more accessible than it has ever been, so we think it is worth exploring the concept further.

Let Us Help You Protect Your Business

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