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So – Let’s talk about negotiating—no, not boardroom-style, but like an FBI hostage negotiator.

Sounds intense, right?

Well, it can be, especially when it comes to cutting down your tech bills.

Chris Voss, a former FBI hostage negotiator and the author of “Never Split the Difference,” offers killer negotiation tactics that we can apply to get better deals from technology service providers.

Understanding the Stakes

First off, understand that every dollar you save on your tech bills is a dollar that can be reinvested into growing your business.

This isn’t just about paying less—it’s about maximizing your resources.

Now, let’s harness some of Voss’ top strategies to turn you into a negotiation guru.

Chris Voss’ Negotiation Tactics Tailored for Tech Deals

1. Tactical Empathy

Start by showing your service providers that you understand their position. Acknowledge the economic climate, their competitive pressures, or the value they provide. This isn’t just about being nice; it’s about setting a collaborative tone. Voss emphasizes that understanding the counterpart’s emotions and viewpoints is crucial to controlling the negotiation.

2. Mirroring

This is a simple yet powerful technique where you repeat the last three words—or the most critical one to three words—of what someone has just said. Use this to encourage your provider to elaborate and give you more information about potential discounts or package options that could be more cost-effective.

3. Labeling

When you notice a point of friction or resistance, put a label on it. Say something like, “It seems like you think we’re not big enough for a better rate.” This not only shows empathy but also encourages them to either agree or correct you, giving you more insight into their pricing policies.

4. Calibrated Questions

Instead of demanding lower prices, ask questions that lead the provider to your solution. Voss suggests using “What” and “How” questions to push your counterpart to consider your position without resistance. For example, “How can we work together to adjust the pricing to fit my budget?”

5. Use the Power of No

Giving your providers the chance to say ‘no’ makes them more comfortable and more likely to listen to your requests. Instead of asking if they can lower your bill, ask if it’s impossible to offer a better rate. This reverses the pressure, putting you in a stronger negotiating position.

6. “That’s Right”0

Get them to say “That’s right” by summarizing their perspective and the situation, showing you’ve listened and understood. When they agree with your summary, you’ve built rapport and are closer to a consensus that could lead to better rates for your services.

Putting It Into Practice

Now, armed with these strategies from Chris Voss, approach your next negotiation with confidence. Remember, the goal isn’t just to save money—it’s to forge better, more cooperative relationships with your tech providers that benefit your business in the long run.

Wrapping Up

Negotiating your tech bills doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore.

With Chris Voss’ expert tactics, you’re not just cutting costs; you’re applying some of the finest negotiation skills in the world to ensure your business thrives.
So next time you review your tech expenses, channel your inner FBI negotiator and watch the savings roll in!