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The pandemic accelerated remote work, but most companies are adopting a hybrid model for the long haul.

Some staff in the office, others remote, and people toggling between the two.

This “new normal” creates fresh challenges for IT teams.

How do you provide stellar technical support in an uncertain environment?


First, accept hybrid work is here to stay

Don’t cling to old ways of doing things.

Embrace the flexibility and find ways to make it work smoothly.


Next, focus on the employee experience

Whether they’re at a desk or on the couch, people expect quality support.

Make it easy for them to get help through channels like chat, phone, tickets, and video calls.


Increase self-service options to enable productivity

FAQs, how-to guides, and training resources allow people to find their own answers quickly.

(side note – DS Tech has access to libraries of helpful videos and tutorials.  And Microsoft has a LOT of free material for your people to use to figure things out)

But offer contact methods for those who still need human help.


Manage devices and assets carefully

Use a central system to track equipment location and status.

Automate processes like installing updates whether devices are on or off-network.

Your MSP can help you with this so you don’t have to worry about it.


Finally, keep communicating, even when employees are remote

Send regular tips, tech newsletters, and reminders about cybersecurity best practices.

Keep them informed and engaged.

Have them subscribe to our newsletter where we share helpful tips.  😀



Hybrid work adds complexity when providing IT support.

But with the right tools and strategies, you can deliver an excellent experience that enables employees to succeed, wherever they choose to work that day.