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For companies embracing hybrid/remote work models, having the right tools is make-or-break for employee productivity and engagement.

Microsoft 365 packs a powerful punch with apps designed specifically for keeping virtual teams connected and collaborative.

Let’s explore some of the top Microsoft 365 apps that can help facilitate seamless teamwork, no matter where your employees are located:

Microsoft Teams

 The Virtual HQ Teams has rapidly become the go-to hub for remote coordination and communication.

Create dedicated team channels for projects, departments, or whatever structure fits your needs.

Members can easily hop on video calls, share/collaborate on files, and keep conversations organized in a central workspace.


Cloud Storage Made Simple Ditch the finicky network drives and VPNs.

OneDrive provides secure, universal access to your files from anywhere.

Teams can co-author documents in real-time without version chaos. Combined with Teams, it enables seamless collaboration across locations.


Digital Ideation Canvas Brainstorming suffers when remote participants just screen-share a static document.

Whiteboard mimics an infinite digital canvas that dispersed teams can sketch on simultaneously using inking, text, and shapes.

It brings the creative spark back to virtual meetings.


Smarter Scheduling Juggling meetings is a hassle, especially for managers doing regular 1-on-1s.

Bookings flips the process – managers simply share their availability and let employees self-schedule using the online booking page. Meetings automatically populate calendars with no back-and-forth.

While Teams and these complementary apps shine for virtual collaboration, there are Microsoft 365 tools for nearly any remote scenario – Viva for employee engagement insights, Stream for corporate video portals, and more.

Not sure which Microsoft 365 apps make sense for your remote workforce?

Our Microsoft experts can provide an assessment and change management plan to boost virtual productivity.

Reach out here.

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