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All businesses have different goals when it comes to developing their IT infrastructure. While some might struggle just making ends meet with important maintenance, others might decide that it’s time to branch out and try innovative new solutions to take their infrastructures to the next level. We want to make one thing clear; both situations are perfectly fine, so long as you are willing to accept that you could always be doing things better, and today is the perfect time to take the next steps.

In a post-pandemic world, Gartner predicts that worldwide IT spending will increase by 9% in 2021, reaching its peak at around $4.2 trillion. This is significant, and it should be indicative that organizations are starting to move away from the old way of doing things in favor of new solutions. While organizations may have struggled throughout the pandemic just to keep operations going, they now seem to be more receptive to spending more on IT and pushing ever onward.

Where does your business lie on this spectrum? Have you worked past the operational challenges of the pandemic? Are you in a place where you feel comfortable enough to start optimizing and innovating? Working with a managed IT provider is a great decision no matter where your business currently lies. Here are some ways that we can help businesses in both categories.

For Those Who Are Struggling to Keep Up

Small businesses often have issues keeping up with their technology infrastructure, and this could be for a number of reasons. Some simply do not have the talent to administer important maintenance as it’s needed. Others don’t have the budget to procure new technology or deploy new solutions. In both cases, working with a managed IT service provider like DS Tech can be beneficial. We can function as an in-house IT department would, providing the technical expertise and support needed to keep up with everyday operations.

For Those Eager to Jump Ahead

Let’s say that you have your basic technology needs covered by an in-house IT department. Chances are they have their hands full, especially if your IT department consists of one or two technicians whose sole responsibility is to manage and maintain your tech. This stymies your ability to innovate and deploy new solutions to resolve issues or streamline operations. A managed IT provider like DS Tech can be the extra muscle needed to get these big projects off the ground. Alternatively, we can manage day-to-day tasks while your in-house team works to deploy projects.

No Matter What, We Can Help

No matter what your goals are for your organization’s IT, we are confident that managed IT services from DS Tech can help you reach them. Whether you are trying to get by during these difficult times or you are focusing on growing your organization, we can help you implement solutions that make your life easier. Give us a call at (906) 786-0057 to learn more.