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We need to talk about getting scammed.

I know, I know.

No one likes to admit they were tricked.

You feel embarrassed, angry at yourself, and maybe even violated after realizing that smooth-talking fraudster wasn’t actually the Nigerian prince they claimed to be.

But here’s the hard truth we all need to accept – anyone can get scammed these days.

And I mean ANYONE.

Not just your sweet old grandma or gullible teenager.

Seasoned business owners, super smart executives, and even paranoid security experts have fallen victim before.


Well, today’s scammers are unbelievably crafty.

They know how to target our greatest hopes and deepest fears.

Their persuasive words tap right into those emotions and bypass logic completely.

Plus, the sheer guts it takes to fully commit to an elaborate deception?

Anyway – if you catch yourself feeling dumb or ashamed for being tricked, remind yourself that you were simply dealing with a master of manipulation.

Stop those negative thought spirals before they take hold. Recognize the scammer as the criminal mastermind they are.

Feel angry at them, not yourself.

And most important of all – report that sneaky jerk!

By sharing your experience, you’ll help protect others from the same confidence schemes.

Consider it doing your civic duty to battle back against flimflam artists everywhere!

At the end of the day, we all want to believe others have good intentions.

That’s part of what makes us human.

Scammers exploit that tendency for deception and personal gain because THEY are the deficient ones – not you.

So be kind to yourself if you ever get caught by a con artist.

And remember – there’s absolutely NO shame in being scammed!

To avoid it in the future –

– make sure your employees are trained to recognize those shysters when they find them in their inbox – how?

Ask Us.