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Businesses go through a lot of technology, but how does your organization dispose of electronics that are no longer in use? Let’s discuss this incredibly important topic, as the improper disposal of devices could not only put your organization at risk, but also the environment.

Why Shouldn’t I Just Throw Out My Old Technology?

There are several reasons why you don’t want to just throw your technology in the trash.

  • First, there is no real accountability if you just throw your technology out. If you don’t take care to remove data from the device, it could be accessible to anyone who finds it.
  • Second, modern computer components have a ton of hazardous materials in them, meaning that it’s just bad for the environment for them to sit in a landfill.
  • Third, it’s wasteful and unnecessary. Many of the components found in these devices can be repurposed or reused, so making sure the device is processed and recycled is a great choice.

It doesn’t matter what the processes or policies of your recycling facility are; you should always go out of your way to make sure that your devices have been appropriately wiped so that any data found on them is inaccessible moving forward—especially if you are recycling the device. It’s also worth asking whoever is disposing of your device if they plan to erase this data and destroy the hard drives so that nothing can be recovered. Chances are this isn’t the case, and if so, we’re happy to assist.

How Electronics are Recycled

Once a computer has been delivered to a reputable recycling center,it will be broken down. Recycling companies will disassemble the device and process the various components and parts. Each of these parts will then be recycled according to best practice. This is also the process for removing hazardous materials from these devices.

These disassembled components are then processed and renewed. These materials are used to create new devices, cutting out waste that would otherwise sit unused in a landfill elsewhere.

Technology is an incredibly important part of running any business, and we want to make sure that you are getting the most out of yours. For help with this, reach out to COMPANYNAME at PHONENUMBER.